Congratulations to the six members whose case notes were selected for publication in Volume 88.

Ben Berman – Maintain a Seaman’s Protection, or Cure a Seaman’s Fraud? Weighing the Proper Balance Between Seamen and Employers in Boudreaux v. Transocean Deepwater, Inc.

Jeffrey Gelpi – Pociask v. Moseley: The Louisiana Supreme Court Follows the Legislature’s Lead and Gives Legal Fathers More Time to Disavow

Miles Indest – Walking Dead: The Fifth Circuit Resurrects Rational Basis Review in St. Joseph Abbey v. Castille

Jared Pessetto – In State v. Louisiana Land & Exploration Co., the Louisiana Supreme Court Retreats from Progress in Oilfield Contamination Litigation

Jacob Whitt – Cell Phones as an Eye of the Government: In re Application of the United States for Historical Cell Site Data

Bailey Wilson – United States v. Scruggs: The Fifth Circuit Creates a New Method to Determine What Constitutes a “More Serious” Charge


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