Volume 94 of the Tulane Law Review (2019-2020) is now closed for submissions. We will reopen submissions for Volume 95 (2020-2021) early next year.

TLR Print Submissions

Masthead Topics

For our masthead topics—the civil law, comparative law, and admiralty—the Review is recognized as a preeminent student-edited forum for scholarly publication. We are among the top journals in citations by courts and other journals in the areas of comparative law and admiralty. We are also the leading domestic student-edited voice on the civil law. We are on a select list of minimum holdings for courts and law libraries in the United Kingdom and have a wide European readership.

Submission & Formatting Guidelines

Harvard Law Review conducted a survey of legal scholars regarding the length of articles published in law periodicals and issued a joint statement with other leading law reviews in an effort to reduce the length of articles. We support this policy. We strongly prefer articles under 30,000 words (including footnotes) and will give preference to articles under 25,000 words. We will continue to publish manuscripts over 30,000 words if the length is merited. We encourage the submission of essays (manuscripts of approximately 10,000 words). When you submit your article, please include a word count in the cover letter.

The citations of the Tulane Law Review conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015); M.A. Cunningham, Guide to Louisiana and Selected French Legal Materials and Citations, 67 Tul. L. Rev. 1305 (1993). On matters of style, the Tulane Law Review follows the guidelines set forth in The Chicago Manual of Style. 

TLR Online Submissions

The Tulane Law Review is committed to providing a forum for robust analysis on the evolution of the law within Louisiana and on the Review’s masthead topics. In that vein, Tulane Law Review Online provides timely discussion of recent legal developments. Tulane Law Review Online welcomes submissions from academics, judges, practitioners, and law students—particularly formal responses and online essays. Formal responses are scholarly reactions to an Article appearing in the Tulane Law Review. We will only accept submissions of this type for Articles appearing within the last three volumes of the Review (or with an abstract appearing on this website). Online essays discuss recent developments pertaining either to Louisiana law or to one of the Review’s three masthead topics: Civil Law, Comparative Law and Admiralty Law. These articles need not respond to an article published in the printed version of the 

Authors may submit through Scholastica or via e-mail to

If submitting via e-mail, please include sufficient identifying information for your piece, including the corresponding article title for a Formal Response or the topic covered for an Online Essay. Please also submit your piece as an attachment (Microsoft Word is preferred). Submissions in the body of the e-mail will not be considered.

Formal Responses and Online Essays are intended to be shorter works, so please attempt to limit submissions to less than 3,000 words.

You may also submit an article by emailing our Senior Articles Editor Nicolette Kraska at