2012-13 Tulane Law Review Award Recipients

Sarah Schindler, Kara McQueen-Borden, Annalisa Cravens, Kathryn Munson, Paul Stevens, Jr., Chris Hilton, and Andrew Kingsley received awards at the Tulane Law Review's annual banquet on April 18, 2013.

John Minor Wisdom Award for Academic Excellence in Legal Scholarship

Awarded to the author of the best lead article in the current volume.

[sc:sc]Sarah B. Schindler[sc:/sc]

Robert E. Friedman Law Review Award

Established in honor of Robert E. Friedman, a 1935 graduate of Tulane Law School and Editor in Chief of the Tulane Law Review in 1934-35. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Order of the Coif. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and was a former member of the U.S. Department of the Interior. He retired as head of the legal department of Mobil Oil of California. It is awarded annually on the nomination of a committee to the student submitting the best comment appearing in the current volume of the Tulane Law Review.

[sc:sc]Kara K. McQueen-Borden[sc:/sc]

Gertler Law Review Award

This award was established by Judge David Gertler (graduate of Tulane Law School). It is offered annually on the nomination of a faculty committee to the first-year member of the student Board of Editors of the Tulane Law Review who published the best case note in the current volume.

[sc:sc]Annalisa L. Cravens[sc:/sc]

Charles Janvier II Award

Awarded to the junior and senior members of the Review who have made the most significant contributions to production excellence.

[sc:sc]Kara K. McQueen-Borden[sc:/sc]

[sc:sc]Kathryn W. Munson[sc:/sc]

Class of 2000 Law Review Award

To be awarded to that senior member of the Board of Student Editors of the Tulane Law Review who in the judgment of their fellow members has most effectively contributed to the success of the year’s publication program and whose writing has most significantly improved in professional quality.

[sc:sc]Christopher D. Hilton[sc:/sc]

Conrad Meyer III Law Review Award

The Conrad Meyer III Law Review Award is presented in honor of Conrad Meyer III (who served with distinction as Chairman of the Advisory Board for twelve years) at the Banquet each year to the member who has consistently exhibited outstanding leadership skills and dedication.

[sc:sc]Paul S. Stevens, Jr.[sc:/sc]

Class of 2000 Academic Leadership Award

The Academic Leadership Award is given at the Banquet each year to the outgoing Editor in Chief, in appreciation for their work in leading the Review for the year.

[sc:sc]Andrew Burke Kingsley[sc:/sc]