Tributes to William K. Suter

Introduction by Tom Goldstein

SCOTUSblog was deeply honored to have the opportunity to prepare and publish with the Tulane Law Review* this collection of tributes to the Clerk of the Supreme Court, William K. Suter, on his retirement.  Clerk Suter was and remains a towering figure in the Court’s long history.  We commonly think of the great Chief Justices.  But it is often the Clerk of the Court who both ensures the institution’s smooth operation and personally represents the Court in important functions.

I also have a deep personal fondness for Clerk Suter.  He presided over the sessions for each of my oral arguments at the Court, amounting in essence to my entire legal career to this point. Before each argument session, the Clerk meets with the advocates to explain the process and answer any questions. Like all the members of the Bar, I will miss terribly those sessions and the opportunity to talk with him about goings-on at the Court.  Each of us sends him our deep thanks and best wishes.

A Salute to the General: William K. Suter, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

Tribute to William K. Suter, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli

Tribute to William K. Suter, Theodore B. Olson

Tribute to William K. Suter, General Hugh Overholt

Bill Suter: General, Ambassador, Tulanian, Dean David D. Meyer

Tribute to William K. Suter, President Dennis A. Ahlburg

Bill Suter and the Court's Press Corps, Lyle Denniston

*These tributes were originally published on SCOTUSblog in July 2013 and are reproduced here with minor alterations to form.