Welcome to Volume 91

Now that students have returned to Weinmann Hall for a new school year, production of the next volume of the Tulane Law Review is in full swing. Forty-six members are serving on the staff of Volume 91, all striving to uphold the lofty standard of legal scholarship set by the Review’s preceding century of excellence. Taking the helm as the Review’s Editor-in-Chief is V. Sheridan DuPont. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, Sheridan taught at St. Mary’s Dominican High School in New Orleans for three years. She will clerk for Judge Eldon Fallon in the Eastern District of Louisiana after finishing at Tulane.

Jennifer M. Leaphart serves as Volume 91’s Senior Managing Editor. A native of Gilbert, South Carolina, Jennifer graduated from the University of South Carolina Honors College in 2014. She wrote her undergraduate thesis about women’s participation in politics in the southern United States. Jennifer will begin as an associate in the Tax Group at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York in Fall 2017.

The Managing Editors for Volume 91 are Conor Anderson, Joshua A. Bowman, Gabe Crane, Gordon C. Cranner, Rosalie M. Haug, Alexander M. Heath, Chelsea Lawson, and Catherine P. Thibodeaux. Arianna E. De Goede is the Volume’s Research Editor.

Andrew M. Cox is spearheading the article selection process for Volume 91 as Senior Articles Editor. After graduating from Yale University, Andrew served as a high school teacher in New Orleans for three years and a charter school network administrator for another four. He will clerk for Judge Jane Triche Milazzo of the Eastern District of Louisiana beginning in 2017.

N. Kirk Evans, Noelle Jolin, and Andrew Lombardo work with Andrew as Articles Editors.

Christopher F. Edmunds holds the title of the volume’s Senior Notes and Comments Editor. After securing a degree in music composition from Columbia College-Chicago, Chris returned to his native New Orleans and performed as an award-winning musician with his original band, the New Orleans Moonshiners. He currently serves as president of the law school’s American Constitution Society chapter and will clerk for Judge Abdul Kallon of the Northern District of Alabama next year.

Volume 91’s Notes and Comments Editors include Bryanna D. Burkhart, Johannah Cousins and Amanda L. Crawford.

Rounding out the Senior Board is Tyler J. Dunphy, Volume 91’s Senior Associate Editor. Before starting at Tulane, Tyler received both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from the University of Louisiana in his hometown Lafayette. He also worked for the Student Government Association at Louisiana-Lafayette following the completion of his MBA. Tyler will do transactional work as an associate at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Houston in Fall 2017.

Erin Mann is Volume 91’s Associate Editor. Samantha Pfotenhauer will serve as the Volume’s Symposium Editor, and Fritz Metzinger will serve as the Online Editor.

Junior Members of Volume 91 include Leigh B. Ackal, Alice B. Billmire, Andrew M. Blasio, Brian G. Broussard, Collin S. Buisson, Clerc H. Cooper, Marjorie P. Dennard, Madeline R. Flores, Christopher A. Hebert, Annie C. Hundley, Hillarie James, Leslie M. LaCoste, Jordan M. Leon, Margaret W. McLaughlin, Colleen Murphy, Samantha A. Oppenheim, Sara Gail Prudenti, Melissa H. Redmon, Peter L. Rogers Jr., Jody Schisel-Meslin, Sarah Smith-Clevenger, Thomas Steinfeldt, Coleman L. Torrans, and Philip L. Turpin.

Professor Ronald J. Scalise, a staff member of the Review for Volumes 73 and 74, takes over this year as the Faculty Advisor. Kristy S. Christiansen will facilitate publication of the Review as Publication Supervisor, with Sarah Eastly serving as a Project Assistant. Samantha Foster will handle the Review’s finances as the Financial Services Specialist.