A Fifty Year Retrospective on the American Law of Marine Insurance

Article by Harold K. Watson

By definition, any attempt to cover fifty years of development in an area as broad as marine insurance will be highly selective and idiosyncratic—one could not hope to do an exhaustive study of the subject in the space allotted, and the author's view of the topics most worthy of discussion is colored in part by having been involved in some of these issues, including developments in choice of law, jurisdiction, and wreck removal coverage.

About the Author

Partner, Chaffe McCall, Houston, Texas; President, Maritime Law Association of the United States; Titulary Member, Comité Maritime International; Planning Committee, Tulane Admiralty Law Institute; L.L.M. 1977, Yale University; J.D. 1974, Louisiana State University Law School; B.A., 1971, Louisiana State University.


91 Tul. L. Rev. 855 (2017)