Promulgating Parity: An Argument for a States-Based Approach to Valuing Women's Work and Ensuring Pay Equity in the United States

Comment by Alexandra N. Phillips

This Comment explores the ways in which pay equity is currently addressed in the United States.  Ultimately, this Comment proposes that existing legal remedies neither appropriately address the limitations faced by women in bringing a pay equity claim nor quell the underlying social circumstances from which the gender wage gap originates.  This Comment provides a brief overview of the gender wage gap, how it is measured, and how it is reflected in the United States.  It further discusses various explanations that have been proffered for the gender wage gap and surveys existing and proposed legal remedies available to combat pay inequity, as well as the limitations to each approach.  Finally, it posits that state measures mandating wage disclosure and paid family leave would be the best means to address the pay gap in the United States.