Legal Compliance in Maritime Operations: Charting Your Course Through Stormy Waters -- 2003 and Beyond

Experience shows that many marine and landside operators have sparse, if any, understanding of the multitude of ever-changing laws and regulations to which they are subject in daily operations, as well as little appreciation of the significant costs, penalties, and other sanctions that can result from “illegal” conduct in their daily business. Whether out of blissful ignorance or just plain negligence and inattention, they fail to take those actions in the way of preventative maintenance such as is afforded to their personnel and expensive vessels and equipment, but that are vitally necessary to keep their business boat from running aground on the legal shoals which abound in today's commercial seas. The purpose of this Article is to present the chart for safe navigation through today's legal minefields and help assure continuing safe operations, whether conducting business on the water or landside.