Maritime Catastrophe Response — Civil and Criminal Counsel Investigation; Illustrative Recent Collision and Platform Case Law; Criminalization of Marine Negligence

To most people, nothing is more fascinating and newsworthy than a maritime disaster. A burning factory in Kentucky or a pipeline oil spill in Utah does not generate the same sense of drama and excitement as an equivalent amount of spilled oil from a burning ship or oil platform in Louisiana, Texas, or anywhere else. This Article partners a panel presentation at the 2011 Tulane Admiralty Law Institute. In this presentation, for illustrative purposes, the authors played back a United States Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Automatic Identification System (AIS) Electronic Chart Display (ECDIS) for the M/T BOW FORTUNE--M/T STOLT ZULU collision at 81 Mile Point on the Mississippi River above New Orleans at about 0440 hours on May 19, 2006.