The Fifty Year Waypoint: Collision, Limitation, and Salvage Law in the United States

Article by Thomas D. Forbes & Laura Beck Knoll

This Article reviews the last fifty years of developments in the maritime law of collision, limitation of liability, and salvage. It goes without saying that both technological advancements and regulation through international conventions have surpassed the legal developments in these areas, but this Article will seek to hit the high points.

About the Authors

Thomas D. Forbes: Partner, Chaffe McCall, New Orleans, Louisiana; Member, New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation; Member and Past Chair, New Orleans Port Safety Council; (Ret.) CDR U.S.C.G.; J.D. 1974, Boston University; B.A. 1971, Boston University.

Laura Beck Knoll: Associate, Chaffe McCall, New Orleans, Louisiana; J.D. 2015 Tulane University; B.S. 2008, United States Merchant Marine Academy.


91 Tul. L. Rev. 977 (2017)