In re Crescent Energy: Measuring Contractual Saltiness Under the New Fifth Circuit Test

Note by Nicolette S. Kraska

In this Note, Nicolette S. Kraska examines In re Crescent Energy Services, L.L.C., 896 F.3d 350, 352-53, 2018 AMC 2087, 2090 (5th Cir. 2018), in which the Fifth Circuit applied its new test to determine whether a contract is governed by general maritime law.  Streamlining its decades-old test, the court engaged in a two-part inquiry that advances contract over tort principles and assesses the nature and character of a contract

About the Author

Nicolette S. Kraska: J.D. candidate 2020, Tulane University Law School; B.A. 2013, Emory University.


93 Tul. L. Rev. 1021 (2019)