A Typology of Federal News Media "Leak" Cases

Article by Gabe Rottman

Informed by extensive research conducted by the Reporters Committee for the Free Press, this Article attempts to offer a "typology" of cases involving "leaks" and other unauthorized disclosures. Analyzing fifty-six identified cases in seven distinct categories, the Article attempts to answer several questions: For instance, how many times has the press itself been the target of an investigation? How many Espionage Act convictions have there been, and how often do Espionage Act investigations lead to convictions on different grounds? Are leak prosecutions really more numerous in the first decades of this century? Are sentences in leak cases becoming more severe?

About the Author

Gabe Rottman: Director of the Technology and Press Freedom Project, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. J.D., Georgetown University Law Center; B.A., McGill University.


93 Tul. L. Rev. 1147 (2019)