Volume 90 | Issue 5

June 2016

On Friday, November 13, 2015, the Student Board of Editors held a Symposium at the Tulane University School of Law. The Symposium attracted scholars from around the globe, and this Issue features outstanding manuscripts that were presented by many of those who participated. Entitled “The Promise and Perils of Convergence in Financial Regulation and Consumer Protection,” the Symposium was designed to bring together scholars from the securities regulation and consumer protection disciplines in order to generate a dialogue among scholars whose work rarely overlaps. Through this discourse, we aimed to explore the future of regulating consumer financial transactions in the United States and whether, or to what extent, the differences in regulatory approaches to various types of transactions and the institutional division of authority are sensible. We also sought to draw upon the examples of the regulatory structures of other countries, always mindful of the Tulane Law Review's dedication to comparative law.