Volume 93 | Online

I Coulda Had a Lawyer: Why States Should Abandon the Davis Standard When Analyzing Ambiguous Custodial Requests for Counsel

Comment by Ryan Niedermair

In this comment, Ryan Neidermair compares the evolution of custodial requests for counsel in United States Supreme Court jurisprudence and particular state court systems. He ultimately argues that states should decline to follow Davis and instead adopt approaches that are more protective of defendants' rights.

Eaglin v. Eunice Police Department: The Louisiana Supreme Court Revisits and Restrains Prescription for False Imprisonment Claims

Case Note by Gabrielle A. Ball

Gabrielle A. Ball's case note examines the Louisiana Supreme Court's decision in Eaglin v. Eunice Police Department, 2017-1875, p. 1 (La. 6/27/2018); 2018 WL 3154744, where the court held that the prescriptive period for a false imprisonment claim begins to run on the date of arrest.

Somebody to Lien on: Subcontractor Maritime Liens as They Relate to Valero Marketing & Supply Co. v. M/V Almi Sun and the O.W. Bunker Bankruptcy

Case Note by Matthieu Robert

In this case note, Matthieu Robert explores Valero Marketing & Supply Co. v. M/V Almi Sun, Sun, 893 F.3d 290, 291, 2018 AMC 1564, 1565 (5th Cir. 2018), in which the Fifth Circuit held that, under Commercial Instruments and Maritime Liens Act, Valero had not furnished necessaries to the vessel on order of the owner or person authorized by the owner and thus was not entitled to a maritime lien.