Eaglin v. Eunice Police Department: The Louisiana Supreme Court Revisits and Restrains Prescription for False Imprisonment Claims

Case Note by Gabrielle A. Ball

Gabrielle A. Ball's case note examines the Louisiana Supreme Court's decision in Eaglin v. Eunice Police Department, 2017-1875, p. 1 (La. 6/27/2018); 2018 WL 3154744, where the court held that the prescriptive period for a false imprisonment claim begins to run on the date of arrest.

Context is King: Lawyer Dogs, Pure Applesauce, and Your Miranda Right to Counsel

Note by Christopher A. Hebert

This note examines the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision to deny certiorari in State v. Demesme, 228 So. 3d 1206 (La. 10/27/17). This Note analyzes the court’s decision denying a defendant his Miranda right to counsel based upon the defendant's choice of vocabulary. 

The Tragedy of the Neutral Ground

Essay by Dave Fagundes

New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebration is justifiably famous as a city-wide bacchanal centered on extravagant parades. But beneath the atmosphere of lawlessness, a surprising degree of order prevails that stops the gatherings from descending from revelry into chaos. This brief Essay explores the spoken and unspoken rules of New Orleans’ Carnival season, focusing on how both law and social norms combine to manage access to and use of the public property along the city’s major parade routes.